The Bar Mitzvah of Klal Yisroel – Zeh L’zeh Hosts Bar Mitzvah for Tens of Yesomim (Live Replay) | מעמד בר מצוה ׳זה לזה׳ הבית לאלמנות ויתומים


The Bar Mitzvah of Klal Yisroel – Tonight, the 2nd night of Sivan is the “Zeh L’Zeh” organization annual event.

Once a year, “Zeh l’Zeh” – the home for widows and orphans for 30+ years – invite dozens of orphans, who are celebrating their _Bar Mitzvah_ without a father or mother, to a big hall, along with Gdolei Yisroel and Chassidishe Rebbes for a few hours of joy, and to rejoice in their upcoming Bar Mitzvah The young orphans are zoche to be surrounded by the loving and caring hands of Gdolei Yisroel who rejoice with them on the occasion of reaching the age of mitzvos

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