Yeshiva Torah Temimah Chanukah Kumzing


โ€œTorah Temimah events have something more to them than the typical yeshiva events. No matter what and when, each event is perfectly planned and executed, but these special occasions are far more than just great parties. They celebrate and highlight the goals and achievements of the innovative concepts that are incorporated throughout a Torah Temimah Chinuch experience.

The Kumzing Chanukah Celebration was one of the most special and unique yet.

โ€œWhen you look around the room, you will see that everything is different. That is because this year, nothing is the same.โ€

These impassioned words by the Menahel, Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman set the tone for the incredible Kumzing Channukah celebration that followed.

Indeed, that day was quite different and extraordinary. In the leadup to this day, the excitement in yeshiva mounted as signs about this event were posted earlier in the week. A Kumzing? Whatโ€™s a Kumzing? Some hints were there all along. At every opportunity, the rabbeim and menahel were singing the same song with the boys as well as teaching them the meaning and message contained in these words of Dovid Hamelech. A message about wearing white shirts was sent home, but it wasnโ€™t until the boys entered the dining room that the full impact of what was about to take place was felt in the air.

The room was transformed as the walls were draped in black fabric with pinpoints of light shining through, representing the glow of the Chanukah candles in the darkness. A stage with a professional keyboard and our very own Rabbi Reuven Dannenberg on the violin welcomed the boys with Chanukah music as they took their places in the dining room. Rows and rows of white shirted boys looked up as Rabbi Kaufman opened the event with poignant words describing just what was about to take place. โ€œWe have placed a tremendous emphasis on using our Kol Kol Yaakov for the past few months and now we will use that same koach in our Chanukah celebration to call out and sing to Hashem and beg for his protection and salvation- bayomim hahim bzman hazeh.โ€

As the renowned Nachi Baldinger-better known as NACHAS took the stage, the boys couldnโ€™t contain their excitement. After a short warmup, a heartfelt rendition of Maskil Lโ€™Dovid was sung. A riveting story by Rabbi Avi Pearl set the tone for another pass of the same song, this time with more fervor and intensity. By this time the preschool had joined and the whole room sang the song again with the littlest children adding their sweet voices to the crowd as the singing reached a fevered pitch and the voices rose heavenward. Then, an eruption of unbridled simcha burst forth as the music transitioned to upbeat Chanukah songs and the boys leapt to their feet and began dancing with their friends and rabbeim. A feeling akin to the dancing on Motzai Yom Kippur was felt after the intense tefillah earlier.

After a bit of dancing the boys settled down to view a video presentation featuring themselves performing at the recent yeshiva dinner along with Avraham Fried. As they watched this video, a deluxe lunch was served to each talmid.

More dancing and singing followed, bringing this unique event to a close. As the boys were sent home to light the first ner Chanukah, their joy and sensitivity were properly aligned and ready to celebrate the Yom Tov to its fullest.

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