Shachmat – Y’varech’cha Hashem


Among the many impressive scenes in the magnificent play “Shachmat,” one that stood out was the dramatic and heart-wrenching Pogrom scene. In this scene, we featured the beautiful song “יברכך” from the late Michoel Schnitzler.

This emotionally resonant melody was performed by the characters of father and son, who had survived a horrific pogrom, as he bared his soul, pursuing spiritual direction in a world fraught with obstacles.

Preformed by: Duvid Feder (Father), & Zevy Wertzberger -Son)
Music by: Moshe Lebowitz Lebo rhythms Lyrics written by: Hertzka Rosenberg
Original song: Sung by Michoel Schnitzler, Composed by: Motty Ilowitz
Filmed by: FlowMotion
Edited by: Mendy Lenerowitz,
Mixing Special effect: Edgware Studios
Subtitles by: Ful-Stream media.

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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