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They are the ultimate source of joy.
The living proof that a parent’s love knows no bounds.
And so, we Daven for children. We yearn for their existence. We long for the happiness they exude.

And even as nights and days fade into one long blur of time, our hope remains the same: for them to grow up and make Hashem and their parents equally proud.

For them to live their life for Hashem, passionately and unapologetically, and instill joy in the hearts of the people around them.

And as the sun sets, and darkness reigns, their eyes remain aglow, reflecting the pureness of their souls.

Yes. The day might be over, but our hopes and prayers remain.
Now too, we continue to Daven for them to be a constant source of Nachas, a beacon of light, and a true Kiddush Hashem.

Produced by: Naftali Schnitzler @ House of Music
Performed by: Duvid Feder
Music by: Yumi Gelb
Live Sound: B&H Audio
Post Production: Avrumy Lunger @ House of Music
Video by: TwoTone Media
Marketing & Project Management: SolBlum Media

Keys: Yumi Gelb
Guitar: Yumi Sebbag
Flute: Shmaya Karpen
Percussion: Meir Loffler

Special thanks to Shloimy Sharf

Connect with Duvid:
Bookings: 845-422-2832

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