Part 4: How Our Poor Habits Are Programmed Into Us and How To Change Them


Today is Day 4 of Mind Hacks to Actually Reach Your Goals, and Charlie continues yesterday’s conversation about why we are the way we are.

Our brain is like a computer. It has been practicing specific habits throughout our lifetime (without us even realizing it) until the brain created shortcuts for them, “programming” our knowledge or habits into us until they get easier, and become subconscious. The more you are consistent, repeat the (negative) habit or knowledge, the more your mind gets it and makes it quicker and easier!

Charlie discusses:
Synaptic pruning- how our brain works is that the more information/behavior is used, the stronger it gets. The less it’s used, it gets weaker and the brain lets it go.
2) Your mind is a computer. But you are not your mind. You are so much bigger than your mind.
3) The things that were hard for you as a child (like brushing teeth) are so second nature to you now- you don’t have to use any of your brain to think about brushing! That’s because of the repetition- the more you did it, the more your brain wired it in and created shortcuts!
4) When you make a resolution, you’re resolving to stop doing something that is SO ingrained in you, like poor marriage habits, poor food choices. These behaviors are so second nature, they are rock solid in your brain. Resolving to stop is nearly impossible.
5)How to start creating new habits using your mind and repetition to your advantage!

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