Part 9: It’s The 1% That Changes Everything!


Welcome back to part 9 of Mind Hacks!
Now that we’ve
-written our eulogy,
-written our ideal day,
-identified who we want to BE, our identity,

It’s time to make our routine!

Charlie tells the story of David Brailsford, British cycling coach, who turned a defeated, hopeless team into a gold medal team. How?

The Theory of Aggregation of Marginal Gains posits: whatever you’re doing in life, you could do 1% better.

And it’s not that hard to do, and doesn’t take much discipline. The aggregate gains are massive.
No radical changes.

Charlie walks us through exactly how to define the new behavior, how to add it to our cue, and how often to practice. Once you do this tiny 1% behavior time after time connected to the cue, the brain starts to automatically add it.

You’re now on your way to hacking your brain to create a new, lasting ritual that supports your goals!

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