Part 7: Get Real by BEING Instead of DOING


In part 7 of the Mind Hacks Series, Charlie Harary discusses the importance of getting in touch with your true identity in order to create new habits and make lasting changes. He explains that the more connected you are with your soul or essence, the more it drives your brain and motivates you to make positive changes. On the other hand, when you are not in touch with your true self, and focus on the reality around you, your brain tends to play the same old program and resist change.
Charlie discusses:
-What is needed to make lasting changes and create new habits
-Tapping into the essence of who you are
-The difference between living your essence and living based on actions
-How most people make changes out of guilt instead of from their essence
-How to start shutting off the DOING and start BEING
Harary suggests a eulogy writing homework exercise to trigger your BEING state and help you get in touch with your true identity and essence. This will allow you to make lasting changes that are driven by your true self.
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Books mentioned:
Unlocking Greatness by Charlie Harary

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