Part 16: It’s Stick Week! What To Do When Motivation is Gone!


On today’s episode, Charlie starts putting everything we’ve talked about in the Mind Hacks Series together.
Remember the example of radishes and cookies? We learned about ego depletion, how we only have a certain amount of discipline.

If we use up our discipline on insignificant things, we’re out of discipline early in the day.
For instance, this is why Steve Jobs wears the same thing every day. Jeff Bazos is uninvolved in the small problems and decisions at Amazon because he’s busy with the big direction for the company.

Big people don’t get stuck in small problems.

Ask yourself if the moments of your life are worth the amount of discipline you’re giving them.

Your discipline needs to go to your new ritual. That ritual needs to be repeated over and over to get wired in. So this is where we want to use our discipline muscle, because you know at some point that ritual will stick in your brain and require less discipline, so the return you get on your discipline investment is so worth it.

“When we invest our discipline in insignificant things we’re wasting it. When we invest it in ritual building or in bad ritual pruning, it’s the best investment we can make because we know at some point it will become automatic!”

What happens when things get hard, when the motivation is gone, and you’re ready to let go of the new ritual?
Charlie introduces the concept of stick week!
Stick week will help you when:
-Discipline is used up
-I’m feeling done
-My previous brain wiring is so strong making it hard for me to go against it

Stick week is the answer!

When you don’t want to do it, that’s when your brain is really starting to make new connections and wire it in. So think towards the future and remind yourself it’s going to get easier and imagine what my life will look like with my new routine.

If you stick with it, that’s when all the greatness happens!

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