Part 13: Back to the Cue: Making Your New Habit Go On Autopilot!


In Part 13 of the Mind Hacks Series, Charlie teaches how to make our desired new action become so automatic that it requires no mental energy on our part!

What we want is for our brain to cover our new routine with myelin which makes the action quicker and more automatic. We want the cue, routine, and reward to be super quick and easy to do.

What will get us going with the routine easily? Finding the right cue!
Find a cue youโ€™re already doing
Or make a cue thatโ€™s super easy and that you donโ€™t mind doing

Charlie explains that it is super important to take a moment at the beginning of the routine to visualize the reward. Imagine the feeling of telling your friend you did it, of tasting that smoothie, of having the task checked offโ€ฆ think of the end, what it will feel like when itโ€™s over! Savoring that pleasure up front at the cue stage makes your brain crave the action and want to do the routine!

So structuring the routine to have an easy cue accompanied by the anticipation of the pleasure, and doing this over and over will make this go much faster, automatic, and requiring no discipline or mental energy over time!
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