Meeting Big Hearted Heroes: Tzvi Aryeh Rosenblum & Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood


In this heartwarming video, join us as we introduce you to the incredible Tzvi Aryeh Rosenblum and the dedicated team at Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood. 🌟

Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood is a beacon of hope and compassion, providing sustenance and support to over 1500 needy families during Yom Tov and throughout the year. Their warehouse is the hub where thousands of boxes of food are meticulously prepared and sent out to those in need.

Now, they’re facing an urgent challenge, and they need our help. With an annual budget of 2.4 million dollars, they’re running an emergency campaign to raise $650,000, the last crucial piece of the puzzle to ensure that no family goes hungry. 🍞🥕

Join us in getting to know Big Asken Tzvi Aryeh Rosenblum and the heroes at Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. Let’s stand together and support their mission to provide for those less fortunate during these challenging times.

🙏 Share this video, spread the word, and make a difference by donating to their emergency campaign. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to reaching their goal.

➡️ Donate here:

Together, we can make sure that every family has the nourishment and support they need for Yom Tov and beyond. 💙 #TomcheiShabbos #LakewoodHeroes #CommunitySupport #MakeADifference

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