Dus Is En3rgy/דאס איז אנערג׳י – ft. Ahrele Samet & Yedidim Choir | זה אנרגיה עם אהר׳לע סאמעט וידידים


It’s a new year and EN3RGY is back with something unique! For the first time ever, a brand new Chassidish dance medley featuring Ahrele Samet on a US stage. This is a show stopping performance by En3rgy, Ahrele Samet and Yedidim Choir, with twists and surprises that will make you say, Dus Is EN3RGY!

1) En3rgy Opening
2) Major Chabad Nigun
3) Keitzad
4) Hey Tzomo
5) Ein Anachnu
6) Hodu Lashem
7) Nigunei Viznitz
8) Taisi
9) Finale

Music by En3rgy/ChaimBokchin
Producer, Arranger And Guitarist – Chaim Bokchin
Drums – Yechiel Bokchin
Keys, Ableton Programming – Jacob Spadaro
Bass Guitar – Yaacov Weiner
Choir – Yedidim Choir Led by Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Live Sound – Tzali Bree
Live Engineer – Ruli Ezrachi
Stage Manager – Chaim Tessler
Mix and Master – V-Gold Beat Production (917 854-0280)
Post production – Ruli Ezrachi, Gershy Schwartz, Motti Feldman
Video Production – Motty Engel
Lighting – Lobo Lighting
Marketing – I & Me Media
Venue – Ateres Golda
En3rgy Content/Social Media Management – Yehuda Neuman @normynmedia

En3rgy uses CTM In Ear Monitors

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