DVD TRAILER ‘Seder Nacht Kumzitz’ Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shira Choir


A warm classical Chasidish kumzitz By Avrum Mordche Schwartz, Shulem Saal & The Shira Choir | Music by Yankey Briskman

This is a full recording of the historic, sold out, “Seder Night” Kumzitz that took place last year before Pesach in the Dyker beach golf course, Brooklyn NY, where a huge audience got inspired and prepared for the holy Yom Tov Pesach with beautiful songs and connecting melodies!

The “Seder Nacht DVD” is already available in stores and online!
DVD: https://www.nigunmusic.com/a-seider-nacht-kumzitz-farbreng-dvd.html

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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