HAVEY DUN | Shira with Levi Falkowitz, Freilach & Mona


Enjoy a memorable, melodic performance by Shira with Levi Falkowitz and Freilach Band! Every stage is elevated with our members!

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Song composed and conducted by Mona Rosenblum.
Originally sung by Efrayim Mendelson on his album HAVEY DUN.

הֱוֵי דָן אֶת כָל הָאָדָם לְכַף זְכוּת
משניות אבות א׳ ו
Joshua ben Perachiah used to say: (Appoint for thyself a teacher, and acquire for thyself a companion) and judge all men with the scale weighted in his favor.
Pirkei Avot 1:6

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