ICJ Verdict: South Africa’s Chief Rabbi’s Call to Fight Back


The International Court of Justice has delivered its interim judgment. Even a political body appointed by the United Nations General Assembly, whose members are mainly non-democratic states, couldn’t bring itself to order Israel to ceasefire, but we should not be grateful for that. They had no moral right to order Israel to cease its just war of self-defense in the first place.

What these so-called judges should have done is express the gratitude of the international community of civilized nations for the bravery and sacrifice of Israel’s young soldiers, who are going door to door to fight war to defeat the forces of barbarism in the Middle East, so that many of you listening to this, who live in the free world will not one have to do it yourselves in your own cities to protect your own children and grandchildren.

This is not 1938. It is 2024 and the Jewish people do not have to go on our knees to beg for the right to defend ourselves against those who seek to exterminate us.

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