Inside Misameach’s Future Building in Lakewood, NJ: A Walkthrough with Founder Lipa Schwartz


Today, we have a special guest with us, Lipa Schwartz, the founder of the amazing organization Misameach. Misameach is a non-profit, volunteer-oriented organization dedicated to lifting the spirits of those facing difficult life situations, such as hospitalization, serious illness, or mental health challenges. While their main focus is on children, they also serve many adults, bringing smiles, hope, and encouragement to hundreds of individuals and their families.

Recently, Misameach has been making some exciting developments. They are currently building a huge new building that will provide even more opportunities for entertainment and support. Let’s dive into the various programs and initiatives that Misameach offers to bring joy and fun into the lives of those they serve.

One of the core activities of Misameach is their regular visits to hospitals and homes. Their dedicated volunteers visit dozens of hospitals and hundreds of homes, tailoring each visit to the appropriate age, situation, and taste of the individuals they meet. These visits feature a wide range of entertainers, including singers, dancers, jugglers, comedians, storytellers, and many more.

Misameach also arranges fun activities in homes or their Family Center. These activities often involve one-on-one sessions with professionals and include arts, crafts, woodworking, baking, food decorating, and more. By engaging in these activities, patients and their families find moments of joy and creativity, helping them cope with their challenging circumstances.

Throughout the year, Misameach hosts several large-scale parties, carnivals, and events for their families. These gatherings often draw well over 1,000 guests and feature celebrity performers, exciting entertainment, refreshments, and gift packages. These events provide a much-needed break from the daily struggles and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Misameach also sponsors family events and outings, such as bowling parties, trips to pizza parlors, ice cream shops, recreation centers, and even behind-the-scenes tours of Newark’s International Airport. By organizing these outings, Misameach aims to create a sense of normalcy and joy for families going through difficult times.

A significant aspect of Misameach’s work is their free media library. They stock thousands of titles in separate libraries located in New Jersey, California, and North Carolina. This extensive collection ranges from humor to educational content, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Additionally, Misameach provides DVD players for patients to use, offering them a source of entertainment and escape during their hospital stays or at home.

Gift giving is another important program run by Misameach. Their trailers are packed with toys and gifts for all ages, and they distribute over 12,000 gifts valued at over $200,000 each year. These gifts bring smiles and happiness to children and their families, offering a glimmer of joy during challenging times.

Misameach also caters to young adults aged 18 and above through their Young Adult Program. This program arranges unique weekend getaways, barbecues, summer trips, and other experiences tailored to the needs and preferences of handicapped young adults. It’s an opportunity for them to socialize, have fun, and create lasting memories.

Moreover, Misameach strives to make dreams come true for seriously ill children. They go above and beyond to fulfill special requests, such as organizing trips and arranging visits with celebrities like President Obama, Governor Romney, the “King of Jewish Music” Mordechai ben David, and noted radio personality and commentator Mark Levin. These experiences provide unforgettable moments of joy and inspiration for the children they serve.

Misameach’s incredible work doesn’t stop there. They are currently in the process of expanding from their current 3,700 square foot facility to a larger building. The new building, which will include more rooms, more

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