JOEY NEWCOMB – BOREI – יוסף ניוקם – בורא (Official Music Video)


Its finally here! Borei Pri Ha’etz, The Brachos Song or whatever you would like to call it. The song that many have been waiting for. After performing it at camps and many other events, its about time that we share it with world!

I originally composed this song without words while I was sitting alone at a table one Motzei Shabbos. It remained without words for a while, until I heard the following story:

A Kiruv Rabbi was once approached by a non-observant Jew who was on his way to Torah observance. He asked the Rabbi, “Can I ask you one question about religious Jews?” “Of course,” said the Rabbi. “Why is it that whenever a Jew eats or drinks something, there seems to be a twitch?” The Rabbi looked at him in astonishment! “A twitch?” the Rabbi asked. To which the Jew said “yes, they make some strange movement with their mouths before eating.” The Rabbi then realized that unfortunately for too many of us, a ‘Bracha’ has become just a movement of the mouth.

The moment I heard this story, the words of the song came to me. So believe it or not, it was written with depth.

Thank You Hashem!!

Thank you to actors: Yonah Laster, Moishy Avigdor, Yitzy Berko, and of course The Boys From Romimu ‘Rom V’Nisah’!

Produced and arranged by: Doni Gross
Composed and performed by: Joey Newcomb
Recorded at: DEG Studios NYC
Video by: Shimmy Socol
Filmed and edited by: Shimmy Socol and Shia Fried

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