Kesher Nafshi Musical Panel: Father & Son – Shlome Usher Tauber & Volvy Tauber with Mordechai Weinberger


At the Kesher Nafshi Shabbathon 2024

Kesher Nafshi: Building Bridges.

Reuniting families torn apart by the storm.

Every parent aspires to provide the best for their children, investing heart and soul in their upbringing. They envision the day when the fruits of their labor will manifest and the joy of witnessing Yiddish Nachas. Suddenly, initial signs appear, indicating that something is amiss. A chilling fear takes hold as the beloved child seems to slip away. Dreams and hopes wane, and the heart begins to fracture.

And then, the storm strikes. Gradually, the signs evolve into alarming signalsโ€”attitudes, appearances, and ways of life change, straining relationships. Hearts break, families are torn asunder, and the burden of guilt and shame becomes unbearable. This is not an isolated incident but a rampant pandemic. Our world is inundated with forces pulling our children away, fracturing families, and leaving hearts in ruins. The storm leaves no one immune, sparing no community or family.

Until a few years ago, these parents were completely lost. They had no one to talk to or answer their heartbreaking questions. However, since the inception of Kesher Nafshi, thousands of parents have discovered a newfound family โ€“ the Kesher Nafshi family. Kesher Nafshi provides families with a world of help and support, serving as a beacon of hope and guidance amidst the pain and confusion.

Thanks to Kesher Nafshi, thousands of parents have learned the language of Crisis Chinuch Intervention. They have received support, clarity, guidance, and inspiration. Additionally, thousands of teachers and mechanchim have better understood how to approach such situations thanks to educational seminars and programs.

With love and support, they can regain their composure, piece together the broken shards of their lives, and build anew. They can also construct bridges to reunite their families once again.

Kesher Nafshi offers families a lifeline by providing

Family Support
Shabatons & Retreats
parent support Groups
Sibling Support Groups
Educational Programs
Training Seminars
Guidance Chizuk Library

And much more to come. Kesher Nafshi is expanding its reach to meet the needs of thousands of families worldwide. But we need your help in building those Bridges of love and support.


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