Ki Sisa – The Artist’s Many Names


Why does Hashem ask Moshe to ‘look at the name’ of Betzalel? Where was Betzalel’s name to be seen? How was it that Betzalel was able to manifest such exquisite artistry if the Jewish people had been slaves and he had no chance to study his art? What is the significance of the ‘many names’ of Eliyahu and of Betzalel? Why does the Torah sometimes mention the person’s name and also his parents’ names and the name of his location? What are the many aspects that go into a person’s personality and his ultimate purpose in the world? Why does Hashem have Betzalel, from the tribe of Yehuda, work alongside Oholiav, who is from the tribe of Dan? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

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