Leading the Kidney Donation Revolution: Mendy Reiner, Founder of Renewal| Inspiration for the Nation


“18% of kidney donations in the US are through Renewal”

Receiving a diagnosis of irreversible kidney failure can be devastating. That’s where Renewal comes in. They help patients and their families navigate the complex process of kidney transplant, from finding a donor to arranging the transplant and beyond. At the same time, they support donors to make sure their incredible self-sacrifice is as simple and safe as it can be.

​Mendy started the organization in 2006 and its origin story is not what you’d expect.

Today, almost every major transplant center in the country reaches out to Renewal.

Renewal saves lives by helping facilitate kidney transplants for those suffering with chronic kidney disease. They provide guidance and support to help patients and their families navigate all the medical challenges of coping with their condition. Their services are free of charge to anyone in need​.

​Renewal facilitated the first international kidney swap.

To help or get help from Renewal, go here: https://www.renewal.org/


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There’s no reason in 2022 that you need to be in the dark. And some of the most talented doctors and healthcare professionals in our community are here to help!

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And call their hotline 24/6 at 929-4-GEZUNT
Find out more here: https://jowma.org/

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