Learn To Listen (Ep. 234)


Sponsored by Tzippy Schiller.
I want to support your cause as I recall your classes with nostalgia and warmth.
The ability to simplify the esoteric words that seemed so beyond our everyday lives and somehow with humor and wit and sincerity made it relevant to the present day reality.
All the best!

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[00:00] Intro
[01:18] Learn To Listen
[41:16] Q&A 1: Orlofsky Name?
[42:22] Q&A 2: Friday Night Kiddush?
[44:16] Q&A 3: Sfiras HaOmer?
[45:11] Q&A 4: Leaving Over Food?
[46:21] Q&A 5: Abortions?
[49:04] Q&A 6: Swallowing Words In Kaddish?
[49:54] Outro
[50:33] Theme Song


“The Rabbi Orlofsky Show Theme”
Composed and Performed by Lenny Solomon
Learn more at https://rabbiorlofsky.com/music

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