Live in Flatbush 2, with Rabbi YY Rubinstein (Ep. 174)


Rabbi Orlofsky’s old friend and former BBC broadcaster Rabbi YY Rubinstein joins the show to talk humor, sensitive audiences, and the BBC’s antisemitism on this extended episode, recorded live in Flatbush!

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โ“ Questions of the Week

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1. “What is your approach to bringing secular references in front of a frum audience?
2. “Is it permitted for a Jewish person to read the Harry Potter books? If no, why not? (Submitted via audience member)
3. “What is the purpose of non-Jews suffering? I can understand Jews wanting to get a tikun (gilgul, teshuva, etc) but what about non-Jews?
4. “Can we please hear Rabbi YY’s American accent?
5. “How does on get Rabbi Orlofsky Show merch?
6. “I try to be a good example to my family, siblings, parents, and I don’t notice significant changes in their lives. How much should I try to get them more involved with Jewish values?
7. “Is today’s generation expected to adapt to technology? And if yes, what is the right amount?
8. “What is the Rav’s view of Bachurim on an off-shabbos davening at a 9 AM minyan? Is it OK if they catch up and get Sof Zman tefila?
9. “Could you please do the magic trick from episode #13 with the tie, just slower?
10. “You used to be the only Rabbi YY, now there’s two of them! (Via Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky)



[00:00] Intro
[3:21] Introducing Rabbi YY
[4:41] Tales from the BBC
[34:07] Q&A
[34:52] Secular references
[51:44] Harry Potter books
[59:47] Non-Jew suffering?
[1:07:00] Rabbi YY’s American accent?
[1:13:40] ???
[1:14:23] How to change others?
[1:17:40] Adapting to technology
[1:22:48] Bochurim davening late
[1:26:40] Magic trick from Ep. 13
[1:27:40] Two Rabbi YY s?
[1:31:23] Outro
[1:31:30] Theme song


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