Constant Kindness (Ep. 175)


Rabbi Orlofsky reflects on the amazing people and experiences he encountered on his recent trip to the USA.

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1. “Can you explain the Chazal that Torah can be a “sam hachaim” (potion of life) or a “sam hamaves” (a poison). How can learkgn Torah have a negative effect on someone?
2. “How do you gain self-confidence? How could I not let other people effect me? For example you once spoke how you let people make the same joke about the matzah tie every year and you didn’t care? Thank you for making the podcast and especially the question answer segment- I really enjoy it!”
3. “You’ve mentioned in the past how Adam and Chavah symbolize the ideal marriage – one man, one woman. If so, why are men halachically allowed to have multiple wives? And once you’ve answered that, by the same logic why can’t a woman have several husbands?
4. “I have a question about evolution – of the Rabbi Orlofsky bookshelf. Is it a real bookshelf in Rabbi Orlofsky’s house? When did the shelf become a green screen? Does Rabbi Orlofsky travel with a backdrop of the bookshelf? If Rabbi Orlofsky got a new bookshelf, would the green screen change as well?


[00:00] Intro
[00:32] Not a fun day
[2:35] Constant Kindness: USA trip
[32:14] Q&A: Torah as a poison?
[34:42] How to gain self confidence?
[41:58] Polygamy in halacha?
[47:09] Bookshelf Q&A?
[51:20] Outro
[52:38] Theme song


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