The Good Things We Do (Ep. 180)


Let’s find some great activities to do with our families this summer.

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1. Any suggestions on ways to affect change and inspire a community of people to spend less? (via anonymous)
2. How come it is general practice to substitute Hashem’s Name when singing Shabbos zemiros, eg. “Kah Ribon” instead of Y-ah Ribon”? It seems like this was not the original intent based on how they are written. Thanks. (via anonymous)
3. Some people daven for years and Hashem ignores them. Some people get everything without davening. What does that mean? Does davening work or not? (via anonymous)
4. Where does alcohol play a role in Judaism? We know that we make Kiddush and Havdalah every week on wine, as well as get married over wine. It is a chosheve drink that is at every simcha and many Shabbos and Yom tov meals. Yet on the flip side, we see how dangerous the effects of alcoholism can be. Any insight will be appreciated (via anonymous)



[00:00] Intro
[00:16] Sponsorship
[00:37] The Good Things We Do
[35:03] Q&A: Hashem’s name in Zemiros?
[37:08] Can we make people spend less?
[40:21] Does davening work?
[42:33] Alcohol and Judaism
[44:51] Outro
[45:28] Theme song


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