Succos: Intense Happiness (Ep. 203)


What do the Ushpizin represent?
And why is Succos so intense?
On this week’s episode Rabbi Orlofsky dives deep into these questions and explains the reason behind the intensity of this holiday


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[00:00] Intro
[03:07] Sponsor – The Funniest Joke
[06:19] It’s Not A Shiur It’s A Show
[08:27] Intense Happiness
[37:45] Q&A 1: Reading The Announcements?
[38:32] Q&A 2: Behind The Scenes?
[39:05] Q&A 3: Hashem’s Name?
[40:56] Q&A 4: Free Pass?
[44:25] Q&A 5: Leftover Cholent?
[44:55] Outro
[45:42] Theme song


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