Accepting Risk (Ep. 177)


How can we live peacefully in such a risky world?

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1. “How does someone stay calm and level-headed while they are frustrated in an agitating situation?” (Via Jay Gelb)
2. “What do I do if I impulsively get angry? How do I stop?”
3. “In most cases how come you find that kids especially teenagers get along with grandparents better then parents?” (Via anonymous)
4. “The Rav has a reputation for being funny. Is it ever hard to be funny? Does this ever cause a pressure to be funny when you’re not interested?” (Via anonymous)
5. “How was it for the Rav to move to Eretz Yisroel in regard to 2 day Yom Tov? Thank you for such a wonderful show!” (Via anonymous)
6. “Is it possible to learn the entire Torah?” (Via anonymous)



[00:00] Intro
[1:50] Dedication
[2:50] Topic: Accepting Risk
[31:28] Q&A: Managing anger?
[32:48] Kids getting along with grandparents?
[34:48] Is it hard to be funny?
[37:55] Moving to Israel and 2-day Yom Tov?
[39:01] Learning the entire Torah?
[41:08] Outro


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