Chanuka: Fighting for Clarity (Ep. 189)


Chanuka teaches us how to take on apikorsim on their own intellectual level.

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โ“ Questions of the Week

1. Besides Lowen’s cream puffs, do you have a favorite pastry? (Via anonymous)
2. What is the Torah’s perspective on genetic testing? I someone who got married before this was easily available, and now has medical problems in his family, how could you tell him you weren’t supposed to marry this person after building a beautiful family? (Via anonymous)
3. What are your thoughts about the current nuclear threats coming from Russia? Do you think we are going to experience nuclear destruction? (Via anonymous)
4. Why do we sell Aliyos in shul? Is it considered good Middos to get a Kibbud if itโ€™s showing off that one can put up more money than someone else? (Via anonymous)
5. What is the definition of hatred in: ืœื ืชืฉื ื ืืช ืื—ื™ืš ื‘ืœื‘ื‘ืš If I dislike someone, when does one start to have an aveira under this ืœืื•? (Via anonymous)

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[4:55] Chanuka: Fighting for Clarity
[26:45] Q&A: favorite pastry?
[28:58] Q&A: Genetic testing?
[33:58] Q&A: Nuclear threats?
[36:20] Q&A: Why sell aliyos?
[37;20] Q&A: Forbidden to hate people?
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[42:02] Outro
[42:59] Theme song


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