I’m Not Perfect (and that’s OK) (Ep. 183)


Teshuva begins when we admit that we have what to work on.


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โ“ Questions of the Week

1. “Do personality tests like Dr. Jungโ€™s measure the actual middos that a person is born with? Do these tests correspond at all with Jewish hashkafa?” (Via Banish Benjamin)

1. “I was wondering if the Rav can explain the concept of Kiddush Hachodesh with messengers, especially on Rosh Hashana. Did that mean that everyone was working as if it were a regular day, and then Shluchim come and suddenly it became Yom Tov and everyone has to blow Shofer?” (Via anonymous)

2. “Upon entering a new Zman, can you give some insight on how to avoid burnout, especially when starting with so much enthusiasm?” (Via anonymous)

1. “If an adult is doing something you think isn’t so safe (ex. young kids playing in the front yard without supervision, ignoring doctors strong recommendations for a young child’s/baby’s nutrition) Is it ever your place to get involved as a parent/in-law/sibling/friend? If so, any suggestions how to do so in a way that will be received?” (Via Chana G)

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[00:00] Intro
[00:35] Topic
[26:53] Q&A: Personality tests?
[31:21] Q&A: Kiddush Hachodesh messengers on RH?
[34:35] Q&A: Avoiding Zman Burnout?
[38:44] Q&A: Intervening with another’s children?
[44:28 ] Outro
[44:47] Theme song


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