What a Wonderful World (Ep. 181)


Summer is the time to revel in the beauty of God’s creation.


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1. “I know this is a weird question: If Hashem isn’t bound by time, why can’t we daven for the past if Hashem is there now? (Via anonymous)
2. “What bracha is shnitzel? I recently heard that it might be mezonos, but I always thought chicken was shehakol. Can you please explain? (Via anonymous)
3. “If the Rav can meet anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you say to them? (Via anonymous)
4. “Why is it that whenever there is some sort of crisis for example 9/11, COVID, Russia invading Ukraine etc. someone finds a Chazal or Sefer that says these exact details mean Mashiach is coming. Don’t we believe Achakeh Lo B’chol Yom Sheyavo? why is everyone getting so excited about a war? (Via anonymous)
5. “You mentioned some people who were ‘traumatized’ from the story of the Netziv. I think I may be (read: for sure am) one of those people. The attitude that I can always be living life better than right now can be tormenting and robs me of my yishuv hada’as after every big decision. ‘maybe I could’ve been more, maybe I should’ve chosen that path, maybe when I get to shamayim everything I DID do will pale next to what I could have done. Maybe if I was a better person I would have been zoche to a more holy job/family/friends/hadracha and I’ll be chayav for all the lost opportunitiesโ€™, etc.

The thoughts are not constructive and yet I can’t let go of them โ€“ because aren’t they true? How can we be honest about the fact that we are imperfect and have much room for growth, and still have an attitude that inspires growth and not anxiety and despair?

I remember hearing my father quote the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Leibowitz zt””l say ‘If it’s bringing you closer to HaShem it’s the yetzer tov, if it’s bringing you further away, it’s the yetzer hara’ – but it’s hard to fight such a religious yetzer hara to me! This is a really big struggle for me. Any practical tips would be appreciated.”
(Via Chana G)



[00:00] Intro
[00:55] Dedication
[1:33] Topic: What a Wonderful World
[30:20] Q&A: Praying for the past?
[30:52] Bracha on a schnitzel?
[34:07] If you could meet anyone?
[40:27] Crisis and Moshiach?
[42:08] Traumatized by Netziv story?
[55:09] Outro
[55:58] Theme song


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