Big Dreams (Ep. 184)


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❓ Questions of the Week

1. “Are the other planets the previous worlds that Hashem created and then destroyed?” (Via anonymous)
2. “Why do you think modern art became so popular? It seems to me that it’s random splashes of paint” (Via anonymous)
3. “Do animals have neshamos? The Derech Hashem says no, yet the Kav Hayashar and many chassidishe stories speak of animals being gilgulim. I’m trying to understand if the Ramchal’s view is incompatible with chassidishe thinking, in which case, what’s the Nekudas hamachlokes? Or can the 2 views be reconciled? Being that you have given Messilas Yesharim shiurim for many years i was hoping you could provide perspective on the Ramchal.” (Via Yehuda Kravetz)
4. “I love the show! Question – I’ve always been uncomfortable with the mitzvah of killing the 7 nations and Amalek, including women and children. I think most of us would be horrified at the idea of going into an Amaleki village and actually killing everyone – parents holding their children, pregnant women, going into the nursery and killing all the babies, nurses and staff, grandparents, schoolteachers, artists, musicians, doctors, special needs kids, etc. it’s absolutely horrifying and sounds exactly like the Nazis, Chas veShalom! What’s your approach to a mitzvah that at face value stands for unspeakable viciousness and brutality?” (Via anonymous)

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[00:00] Intro
[00:18] Dedication
[00:43] Topic: Big Dreams
[36:06] Q&A: Other planets?
[36:18] Q&A: Modern art?
[40:27] Q&A: Animal Neshamos?
[44:08] Q&A: Cruelty & Killing Amalek?
[55:44] Outro
[56:28] Theme song


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