New Beginnings (Ep. 187) – 4th Anniversary!


Rabbi Orlofsky reflects on 4 years of the show, and on how to make great plans at the very start.

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โ“ Questions of the Week

1. “What is the hardest topic/time of year to prepare a speech or drasha for?” (Via Yaakov Jaroslawicz)
2. “You often talk about the idea that Hashem understands our nature and what we are and arenโ€™t capable of. But how does that fit with the various Chazals that describe severe punishments for certain aveiros? (ein lo chelek bolam haba, kareis, children dying, etc.)?Are they just to scare us?” (Via “Benny Malek”)
3. “When is someone halachically obligated to forgive someone? If Person A calls Person B to ask for forgiveness many times, is Person B doing an aveirah if she doesn’t answer or says she can’t forgive because she’s not there yet?” (Via BK)
4. “Why did Hashem create us with wisdom teeth if many times they don’t grow in straight and many get them pulled?” (Via anonymous)
5. “If it is against the Torah to endanger your life, why did Chana & her 7 sons do so?” (Via Dina)

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[00:00] Intro
[00:59] 4th anniversary!
[12:21] Sponsor: The Dream Raffle
[16:04] Topic: New Beginnings
[36:09] Q&A: Hardest speech topic?
[37:42] Q&A: Hashem understanding & punishment?
[43:12] Q&A: Obligated to forgive?
[45:55] Q&A: Wisdom teeth?
[48:33] Q&A: Endangering life?
[53:24] Outro
[56:19] Theme song


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