Tisha Bav: Speak Softly (Ep. 179)


In today’s world, nothing pays off like being thoughtful with our words.

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1. “Do you have any suggestions for being Dan L’kaf Zchus?” (Via anonymous)
2. “How are we supposed to balance feeling happy, blessed and seeing the good in every thing, and feeling sad that we are in Galus, realizing how much we are missing and yearning for Geula?” (Via anonymous)
3. “If someone texts Lashon Hara to you privately, or on a group chat, what’s the appropriate response? Is there a way to show disapproval without being preachy? Is it permissible to sympathize with the intent of helping them see a different perspective?” (Via Chana G)


[00:00] Trying something different…
[4:28] Dedication
[4:54] Tisha B’av & Marriage
[8:38] Tisha B’av: Speak Softly
[36:06] Q&A: How to be Dan L’kaf Zchus?
[39:36] Balancing gratitude with sadness in Galus?
[42:20] How to respond to Lashon Hara via texting?
[45:40] Closing


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