With Achdut We Can Win the Fight (Ep. 178)


Let’s bring everyone together and end this Galus once and for all!

โš ๏ธ May not be suitable for younger children

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โ“ Questions of the Week

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1. “Does the Rav listen to acapella music during Sefirah? What music does the Rav listen to in general?” (Via anonymous)
2. “Do you have a favorite way to refer to Hashem and why? (Aibishter, Ribono Shel Oilem, Tatte in Himmel, etc.)” (Via anonymous)
3. “How can we stay motivated to go to sleep on time and wake up on time?” (Via anonymous)
4. “Why does Judaism have so little to say about big issues facing the world today such as gender dysphoria or LGBTQ issues? Does Judaism have a place for this large community?” (Via anonymous)



[00:00] Intro
[1:18] Dedication
[1:51] Topic: With Achdut We Can Win the Fight
[25:33] Q&A: Acapella music?
[28:22] Favorite name for Hashem?
[28:49] Sleep on time?
[31:22] LGBTQ issues


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