Worthy of Judgement (Ep. 182)


Elul teaches is that we’re capable of taking responsibility for our lives.


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1. “Why did Chazal only give a list of Kosher Birds and not signs like other animals. Didn’t chazal know that this would lead to an unclear mesorah about which birds we can and cannot eat? (Via Benni Malek)
2. “Why would Hashem bring dementia to old people and have them lose their memories? They seem like they’re just not with us here. Who suffers more – us or them? Thank you”
3. “You’ve mentioned in the past that your parents referred to you as a “lo yutzlach”. Did they do the same to your siblings? If not, why only you?” (Via “Rabbi Orlofsky Crazy Number One”)
4. “I learned how to drive last year. BH I happen to be a good and responsible driver. When I first started driving, I would be really nervous and daven extra hard that morning that when I drove, I would drive safely and not hurt anyone else. (I’m a generally anxious person, if you can’t tell.) Now, when I drive, I don’t feel so nervous anymore. I daven but I don’t worry about it as much during tefillah. And not worrying makes me worry… is Hashem going to see my lack of worry as me being too confident in my skills (eg kochi votzem yudi) instead of believing it’s Hashem who keeps me safe no matter how experienced I am?” (Via “YK”)



[00:00] Intro
[00:40] Dedication
[1:06] Topic: Worthy of Judgement
[32:57] Q&A: Signs of kosher birds?
[35:24] Q&A: Why dementia?
[40:49] Q&A: Why are you called a “lo yutzlach”?
[45:01] Q&A: Overconfident?
[51:22] Outro
[51:47] Theme song


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