Legends Unite – Mendy H Band ft. MBD, Fried, Shwekey & Shira | אגדות מתאחדות – מב”ד, פריד, שוואקי


The stars align to create the ultimate Jewish music experience in “Legends Unite”! Sing and dance along as we blend the iconic sounds of Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey, accompanied by the Mendy Hershkowitz Band and Shira Choir, into one unforgettable, mesmerizing medley. Let the music transport you like never before!


Vocals: @MBDOfficial, @avrahamfried5862, @Shwekeyofficial and @theshirachoir

Band: @mendyhband

Stage Design: Lipa Feldman

Engineer: Levi Parkes

Sound: Yossi Sandel

Video Production: Leiby Scher

Video Shooting: Motty Engel

Video Editing: NR Studios

Video Editing & Coloring: Hershy Segal

Vocal Tuning: Dididum Studios

Mix & Master: Sonic Duo Studios

Thumbnail photos: MG InFocus

Special thanks: Mordy Rosenberg

Book Mendy Hershkowitz Band: +1 516 253 4008

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WhatsApp Status: https://wa.link/w20ptg

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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