Levaya of Reb Eli and Raizy Neydavoud Z”L from Lakewood that Died in Horrific Crash

Levayah of R’ Eli and Raizy NeyDavoud z”l | הלווית זוג צעיר ר' אלי ורעייתו רייזי ניידווד ז"ל

Video from the levaya of R. Eli and Raizy Neydavoud, a young couple in their early 30’s from Lakewood, tragically lost yesteday (1/15/24) in a horrific snow-related accident on the Garden State Parkway. The heartbreaking loss was compounded by the fact that Raizy was eight months pregnant.

The levaya took place at 3:30 PM in the Lakewood High School gym on Ramsey Avenue, with kevura at the nearby 7th Street bais hachaim. Yehai Zichram Boruch.

– JewishTidbits Staff

Remembering Reb Eli Neydavoud Z”L

Video credits: ShieZoli, The Lakewood Scoop

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