LIVE: Mega Hakhel Event & Simcha Beis Hashoeva in Boro Park – 8:00PM


Watch Live at 8:00 PM: Thousands will be joining a Mega Hakhel event in Boro Park, with singer Motty Ilowitz, Yingerlach, a ventriloquist show, and more.

Composer and singer Motty Ilowitz wrote a brand-new song about Hakhel and he will be performing it for the first time at this event.

Master Ventriloquist Yisroel Silverstein will perform with multiple puppets and a brand new show โ€“ all on the theme of Hakhel!

A full orchestra led by Yossi Cohen will accompany Motty Ilowitz as well as the featured Yingerlach choir and the Kapelye Choir.

Fifteen talented Bochurim have prepared an incredible presentation: A 15-member juggling act, reminiscent of the original Simchas Bais Hashoโ€™eva in the Bais HaMikdoshโ€ฆ

โ€œThe Rebbe really wants the message and the celebration of Hakehl to happen,โ€ says organizer of the event, Rabbi Aron Ginsberg. โ€œTo make it possible, please donate whatever you can.โ€

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