Maoz Tzur – New York Boys Choir – Official Music Video


A Yitzy Bald/New York Boys Choir Production

In honor of the Chanukah season, this song/single is available for purchase/streaming on 24/6, [WordFiltered], [WordFiltered], Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, etc…

Jews everywhere dispel darkness for eight nights. During the long dark nights of winter, it feels like you canโ€™t see very far. But the flickering menorah lights of Chanukah give us a message of hope, of future, of our very redemption.

New York Boys Choir, one of the freshest sounds on the Jewish music scene, under the guidance of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, and film producer Josh Septimus, join forces to present this original heartfelt music video featuring a brand new original Yitzy Bald composition entitled “Maoz Tzur”.

Produced by
Yitzy Bald

Video Produced by
Josh Septimus

Choir Directed by
Yitzy Bald


Composed by
Yitzy Bald

Musical Production & Arrangements
Aryeh Kunstler
Yitzy Bald

Yitzy Bald Piano
Aryeh Kunstler Bass, Electric, & Accoustic Guitars
Gal Gershovsky Drums
Mark Feinberg Flute

Recorded at
Roar Recording Studios
Yitzy Bald Studios

Adult Harmonies by
Aryeh Kunstler

Mixed and Mastered by
Aryeh Kunstler

Aharon Skolnik
Tzvi Silverman
Ariel Moskowitz
Eli Dubin
Yehuda Klein
Avraham Hesekiel
Aharon Shimon
Yitzy Kaplovitz
Aharon Dov Glasser
Moshe Fuzaylov
Yehuda Oppen
Yitzy Bergman

Shot on location
FD Photo Studio
Brooklyn, New York

Special Thanks to
The Parents of the Choir

For Concerts, Performances, Booking Information, General Information, and Auditions please call:
718-471-1828 / 917-225-3113 / email

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