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We all face difficult challenges throughout our life!!!

We sometimes feel that Hashem is not listening to our cries……

But deep down in our hearts we know Hashem’s endless love for us and how He always listens to us and cries along in our pain….

May we all be healed from our pain and see the goodness in everything Hashem does for us !!!

Prduced by: Wyte studios
Composed and Sung by: Yossi Lauber
Music by: Wyte studios
Vocals by: Wyte Studios & Light Studios
Adult Choir by: Shevech Studios – Yossi Glick
Kids Choir by: Shir Vishevach – Chaim Meir Fligman
Mix & Mastered by: Hershy Pavel
And a special thanks to Yitzy Linder, Tuly Halberstam, Reuven Green & Mendy Twerski

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