Meoros presents-Michoel Schnitzler Tears on Paper | מאורות מגיש מיכאל שניצלער טרערן אויף פאפיר


We are all so in awe and inspired by your tremendous strength despite the unexplainable loss and pain you are all enduring….You pull through with such tremendous koach and strength to make your home a place of Simcha and nurture your kids with such love and dedication despite the sharp never ending pain you are all enduring!!!

You are all an inspiration for all of Klal Yisrael!!!!

And that is same goal we at Moeres have, to support each other with chizzik and batuchen so we can be the rock solid foundation for our Families and give them a home full of Simcha and Love!!!

Presented by: Meoros
Produced by: Wyte Studios
Song by Michoel Schnitzler
Composed by: Yossi Lauber
Child Soloist Yiddy Barhorin
Background Vocals Arranged By: Chaim Meir Fligman
Music, mixed and mastered by Menachem Friedman
Lyrics by: chavy lieberman
Voclas Recorded At:
Master Studios
Double M production
Neshuma flam studios

Video credits:
arranged by: Eli Zeig
Directed by: Simcha Ganzfreid
Sponsored by Smiling Herbs

Hershy Hecht
Yanky Russ
Mendy Heiman
Eli zieg
Simcha Ganzfried
Yitzchok Bassul
Avrumy Lauber

Special thanks:
Mendy Mertz
Tzvi Eber
Tuli Halberstam
Mechy Oberlander
Sruly Green
Hertzka Rosenberg
Eli weber
Avrumi Bargoifen
Mosha Duvid Ganzfried
Moshe Eliazer Liberman
Shia March
Nesanel Weiss
Pinches Twersky
Park Care
Medical Medallion
Shmuel Dovid landau
Yitzi Lindner
Mr. & Mrs. Lauber
Ari Singer
Avrumi Weiss
Shmaya fischer
Sruly Babad
Mrs. klein

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