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TYH Nation Presents –
Mi Sheomar –
Joey Newcomb –
Feat. Yosh Friedman

Hatzalah Museum –
Farbrengable Studios – Mendy Portnoy


This song is unlike any other we’ve produced. The history, meaning & dedication of this song is from the most meaningful things we have ever been a part of.

In one moment, on a Motzei Shabbos in December 2021, our world was changed. Young Liel, was taken from us in a horrific auto accident, & the event shook the 5 towns, Great Neck & the wider Jewish community, leading to mass gatherings of sorrowful teffilah. At the forefront of this emotional outpouring was the Hatzalah members who were so deeply moved by what had happened that they also felt the need to gather together searching for chizzuk in light of this tragedy.

We are well aware of what Hatzalah does every day for Klal Yisroel, saving lives & offering medical assistance in each neighborhood. But often overlooked is the emotional toll all of this takes on the dedicated volunteers who are the first responders to many very devastating occurrences.

A few days after the accident, The Thank You Hashem team facilitated an intimate evening of strength for Hatzolah members with R’ Yussie Zakutinsky & Joey Newcomb. It was on this evening that this niggun came down. It immediately penetrated all hearts present as the deeply stirring & heartfelt melody blended perfectly with the words, to express a passionate cry to heaven.

In this tragedy & in all painful times we turn to Hashem & cry out:
How many more צרות can we be afflicted with?
How much more hardship can we endure?
It’s already enough!”

האב שוין רחמנות: Have mercy!
יומר יומר לצרותינו די: Proclaim the end to our צרות!

A song from the heart of Hatzolah, presented to you raw unpolished & untouched, expressing the deep emotions of a Yiddishe Neshama witnessing a world with pain & suffering. This is not just a tefillah for Hatzolah members, but the embodiment of Klal Yisroel’s outcry during thousands of years of galus. Oftentimes we become lax–life feels so good! But when we hear of or experience a צרה we express the timeless call to Hashem; Where is the גאולה?

The accompanying video is a collaborative effort between Thank You Hashem & The Hatzolah museum, which honors & pays tribute to Hatzolah members of past & present. On display in the museum & the video are many different Hatzolah items that were used during past opportunities to help Klal Yisroel over the many years of this great organization. Take a moment to absorb the profound impact of Hatzolah as you watch this meaningful video.

This song features the stirring vocals of Yosh Friedman, the son of Dr. Richard Friedman A”H(known in Hatzolah by his unit number ES72). Dr. Friedman was Hatzlah’s medical director for over 30 years & his untimely & tragic passing occurred on a Motzei Shabbos in 2018 as he was walking home from Shul.

Dr. Friedman A”H served as a mentor & guide for thousands of EMT’s & Paramedics, always taking time out of his busy schedule to assist those seeking his advice & guidance. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the organization was always performing with emergency medicine’s best practices by educating first responders on the latest tools and techniques.

Dr. Friedman is survived by his wife Cheryl and their eight children.

The power of a song is tremendous and while some songs are meant to uplift in joy and שמחה, others have the power to send us down the path of מחשבה, to allow us to reach deep into our נשמה in ways that other mediums cannot. It is our hope that the entire Klal Yisroel can find comfort knowing that even in sadness there is always an address for our prayers. Hashem is listening as we cry out to Him. May it be His will that all pain be healed, all sadness erased, and that we merit to see the coming of Moshiach, speedily and in our days.


Song Composed by The Blumstein Brothers and Mendy Portnoy
Music Produced & arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Performed by Joey Newcomb & Yosh Friedman
Vocals Recorded at Farbrengable Studios by Mendy Portnoy
Drums: Avi Avidani
Bass: Dani Shnaiderman
Guitars: Noam “Hargol” Burg
Piano/keys: Mendy Portnoy
Strings arranged & performed by Yoed Nir
Backing Vocals: Mendy Portnoy, Joey Newcomb
Choir: Neshama Choir
Mixed & Mastered: Ronen Hillel

Video Produced by Motty Berkowitz
Filmed by: Austin Hein & Motty Berkowitz
Gaffer: Christopher Mitchell
Grip: Sky Jennings
Set Design: Meir Koko

Thank you to all the Hatzalah members who took part in this video and to the entire Hatzalah Chevra all over the world for all that you do saving countless lives everyday!

CEO Rabbi Yechiel Kalish – B64 Nussi Josephy – F160 Abe Scher – RL40 Jamie Stahler – RL48 Eli Gefen – RL84 Aharon Guttman – RL88 Shimmy Kanner – RL97 Akiva Tepper – RL99 Simon Klein – RL142 Eli Langer – RL150 Dani Lasky – RLS4 Moshe Josephy – P14 Moshe Stareshefsky – Q36 Izzy Bochner – W150 Isaac Schwartz – X42 Joshua Commer

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