Michoel Pruzansky – Melech | מיכאל פרוזנסקי – מלך


Michoel Pruzansky

Produced by:
Goldfish Records

Composed and Arranged by:
Tzvi Fishoff

Directed by:
I. Schnitz

Mixed and Mastered by:
V-Gold Beat Production

I & Me Media

Michoel teamed up with producer Tzvi Fishoff to bring you what is sure to become the song of the summer! Combining the production of today with the signature PRUZ style we all know and love.

– – –

Connect with Michoel:
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/michoelpruz…
[WordFiltered]: https:// [WordFiltered].com/PruzanskyMusic
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/michoel.pruz…

Phone: 718-819-5229
Email: info@pruz.com
Web: http://pruz.com/

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