Mizmor Lesoidah – Yitzy Waldner & Yechiel Schron | מזמור לתודה -איצי ולדנר ויחיאל שראן


After learning that every מזמור לתודה written will be around when משיח arrives (שלחן ערוך), I was moved to compose my own. It felt only natural to present this song, alongside my dear friend, Yechiel Schron, for the first time at my daughter’s wedding – a time I was overcome with הכרת הטוב to the רבונו של עולם for all His continued kindness. May we be fortunate enough to have these words of gratitude to Hashem on our lips always!

Composed and Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Music Produced and Arranged by: Mendy Hershkowitz
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Sonic Duo Studios
Cover Design by: Flash of Design

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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