Yabasha Sheli – Yitzy Waldner and Itzik Dadya | יבשה שלי – איצי ולדנר ואיציק דדיה


As Pesach quickly approaches and we relive the miracles of yetzias Mitzrayim, I’m pleased to present this song with you. Am Yisroel, surrounded by enemies on one side and the vast sea on the other, had no where to turn to as they attempted to make way to Eretz Yisroel. Hashem, in His infinate kindness, provided us with Yabasha – dry land, salvaging us from what seemed to be our greatest obstacles.

Each of us in our personal lives go through times when we are surrounded by hardships and struggles, and it seems like there is no escape. We beseech Hashem to send us our own Yabasha, the salvation we so badly yearn for. This is the message behind “Yabasha Sheli”. May Hashem answer all of our tefillos and send us yeshuos quickly!

‏יש ימים מאד קשים
אני עומד מול הים
‏רואה את העולם
‏יש ימים, מה לעשות בידיים קשורות
‏יש ימים ויש ימים

‏יש ימים, אני פוחד
‏כי לפני ים סוער
‏מאחורי אויב
‏יש ימים, מה לעשות הידיים קשורות
‏יש ימים ויש ימים

‏ובני ישראל הלכו ביבשה ‏בתוך הים
‏כן, אני מבקש מימך
‏תן לי את היבשה
‏ ‏שאני אוכל להיות איתך
‏תן לי את היבשה שלי

There are very hard and difficult days
As I stand opposite the sea
Contemplate the world
There are such days, what can one do with tied hands
There are days and there are seas

There are days that I fear
In front of me, a stormy sea
The enemy from behind
There are these days, what can one do…

And the Jewish people walked on dry land in the middle of the sea
So yes, I ask of You
Please give me my dry land
So that I can be with You

Composed and Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics: Yitzy Waldner and Miriam Israeli
Music Produced by: Daniel Kapler
Arranged by: Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor
Mixed and Mastered at Playmasters Studio
Guitars: Noam Hargol Burg
Keys: Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor
Video filmed and produced by: Flash of Design

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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