Modzitzer Kumzitz in Boro Park, Sukkot 2023 – חול המועד סוכות – מודז’יץ


The streets of Boro Park reverberated with the sounds of Modzitzer neginah on Monday, October 2nd, this Chol HaMoed Sukkos 5784. The sukkah of R’ Aron Orlander overflowed with a large crowd of lovers of nigunim as he and his longtime musical partner, R’ Dovid Bick, led the singing at this year’s Sukkos kumzitz, and the talented pianist Dov Lenchevsky accompanied the singing. This year’s event began with several of the dynasty’s most famous and widely loved nigunim, which immediately prompted the crowd to sing along joyously. The singing continued throughout the night, as clarinetists Chaim Shmuel Helfand and Shalom Rosen, and guitarist Gordon Dale, participated in the music making, bringing new textures to the musical soundscape. This year, the community was also joined by Rabbi Binyomin Neufeld, who came straight from the airport to the kumzitz. Rabbi Neufeld is devoted to spreading knowledge of nigunim to young Hasidim and shared his love of Modzitz by skillfully leading a nigun at the kumzitz. Those present were uplifted by the nigunim, and will surely carry the feeling of dvekus through the rest of Sukkos and into the year.

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