Nechemia Katz 2.0 Featuring Blue Melody and Zemiros Choir


Just in time for summer!
Nechemia Katz reunites with Blue Melody and Zemiros Choir to perform today’s Heimishe dance songs! Featuring hits from Baruch Levine, Yingerlich, Avraham Fried and Benny Friedman, Nechemia lends his power, energy, and Yiddish speaking abilities to a rockin’ second dance set. Flawless harmonies courtesy of Zemiros Choir, arranged by Yoily Polatseck, and backed up by – you guessed it – Blue Melody! Black and blue never felt (or sounded) so good!

Enjoy and pass on to friends!

Live production by: Avraham Chams
Video Credits:
Arranged and produced by: Yoily Polatseck, Ari Boiangiu, Nechemia Katz
Video shot by: Motty Engel
Audio edited by: Yoily Polatseck
Audio mixed by: Roar Recording (Aryeh Kunstler)
Video edited by: Studio 62 (Leiby Weider)

Nechemia Katz contact info:

To have Blue Melody perform at your Simcha:
Call 732.908.2583 (BLUE)
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/bluemelodygroup
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/bluemelodygroup

Zemiros Choir contact info:
[WordFiltered]: https:// [WordFiltered].com/zemiroschoir
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/zemiroschoir
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/zemiroschoir
Call: 845.372.6688

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