Nekadesh: Living Kiddush Hashem feat. Moshe Lazer Saks (Official Music Video)


Produced By: Mint Media
Composed by: Malky Giniger
Music Produced & Arranged By: Hillel Kapnick

Moshe Lazer Saks: For bookings 347-930-9905
Yehudah Yosef Cooper
Yaakov Berger
Avromi Freedman and Yissachar Katz

Directed & Produced By: Moshe Shindler, Moshe Niehaus
Lead Editor: Devorah (Parnes) Loeb
Special Effects: Mordy Fisgus, Jeremy Lewis
Executive Producers: Rabbi Shraga Freedman, Rabbi Yaakov Giniger
Mint Media Production Team:
Senior Production Manager:
Moshe Niehaus
Mint Media Production Team:
Rivky Leibenstein
Devorah (Parnes) Loeb
Usher Weldler
Special Effects:
Mordy Fisgus – CCO/Director of Special Effects
Jeremy Lewis – Associate Director
Shayna Goldman- Associate VFX Editor
Zachary Snygg
Ephraim Weil
Fabian Alicastro
Moshe Finkelstein
Camilo Zack
Lighting & Set Design:
Zachary Snygg
Moshe Finkelstein
Meir Chaimowitz
Camilo Zack

Special Thank You to:
Yaakov Berger
Avromi Freedman and Yissachar Katz
Madison Title
Dirshu Global
Mir Yerushlayim
Adirei HaTorah – Beth Medresh Govoha
Yeshiva Torah Vodaath
Yeshiva Darchei Torah
Yeshiva Toras Chaim – Denver
Agudath Israel of America
Chasdei Lev
Ohr Yehuda – Lakewood, NJ
Chaverim of Central Jersey
Shomrim of Central Jersey
Lev Rachel Bikur Cholim
Aisle 9
HT Busing
Ruvi & Penina Shindler

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