Nigun Rikud – Eitan Katz | ניגון ריקוד – איתן כ״ץ


In anticipation to “Live In Jerusalem 3”, I am thrilled to announce the release of this new uplifting single – Nigun Rikud.

Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Eitan Katz

Drums – Larry Steppler
Bass – Yoshie Fruchter
Electric Guitar – Yoni Lorber
Saxophone & Trumpet – Eitan Goffman
Keyboard – Rambam Agababayev
Clarinet – Ismail Lumanovski
Percussion – Keita Ogawa

Ben Lutz, Heshi Deutsch, Sruli Prero, Yehuda Horowitz

Mixed and Mastered by Baba Z. Buerger

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