PLANTING FOR THE FUTURE – Joey Newcomb – (Official Upgraded Lyric Video)


Composed & Performed By: Joey Newcomb
Music Produced & Arranged By: Doni Gross
Video Created & Designed By: Flash Of Design
Video Footage Filmed By: Sruly Saftlas
Adult Choir: Yisroel Hoffman, Joey Newcomb, & Doni Gross

As a people weโ€™ve been through a lot lately. Galus is not a easy time, and consists of a lot of tears.
After the tragedy that took place in Meiron recently I was asked by a few people to compose a song reflecting on what happened. My initial reaction was โ€œwhy and how can I write a song about such an eventโ€ especially because I couldnโ€™t even gather my thoughts together.
However being that music can bring Chizuk and many times healing I understood where the request was coming from.
It took me time but a few weeks later after having a conversation with my good friend Eli Slamowitz an idea came to mind.
We were speaking about the Pasuk that says โ€œHazorim Bedima, Berina Yiktzoruโ€. Those that plant with tears, reap with joy. The Pasuk revealing to us that all the tears of our Galus is watering something great that will happen when Mashiach comes. All our crying in Galus is planting for something really great.
Iโ€™m not the type to try to figure out why things happen, Iโ€™m just here to give Chizuk and out a positive light on things.
All our pain is preparing for something big. No tears have ever gone to waste.
And the result was this tune. I hope you enjoy and get Chizuk from this song. May we be Zoiche to see the final product of our long Galus ASAP!

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