Se’u Marom | Yidi Bialostozky, Shira, Freilach, Mona | שאו מרום | ביאלוסטוצקי, שירה, פריילאך, מונה


Shema Yisroel! The eternal cry of the Jewish people.
It’s durring these troubling times that we hear these words repeated again and again. This song is about raising our eyes to Hashem and crying out Shema Yisroel. May we all hear B’soros Tovos really soon.
Enjoy this majestic live rendition of a real oldie by Yidi Bialostozky, a philharmonic Ensemble by The Freilach Band Conducted by the Legendary Mona Rosenblum, accompanied by The Shira Choir.
Se’u Marom was performed live at the Landau Family Hachnusas Sefer Torah at Aters Avrohom.

Composed by: Moshe Kuperk
Arranged & Conducted by: Mona Rosenblum
Originally sung by: Motty Zingboim
Singer: Yidi Bialostozky
Choir: Shira Choir Led by: Leiby Fasten
Music by: Freilach Band / Avrumi Schreiber
Mix & Master by: Shlome Wechter – Volume Studios

Live Sound: Check One Two Productions / Shulem Heiman
House Engineer: Eli Lishinsky
Stage Engineer: Baba Buerger
Lighting & Video: Halo Productions
Stage: ABC Fabulous
Stage Manager: Gadol
Project Manager: Daniel Pearlman
Stage Design: Eli Friedman Productions
VJ: VisuaLive
Event Director: Shloimy Steinmetz
Video & Editing: Motty Engel
Thumbnail: I & Me Media
Decor: Creative Stems

Special thanks to Yoely Horowitz, Yidi Landau and Sol Blum.

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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