Sfiras Haโ€™Omer – Respecting the Process (Ep. 232)


Sponsored by Yisrael Schwartz
In memory of Reuven Tzvi Ben Menachem Yitzchok who is always in our hearts.
For a Refuah Shleimah to Ouriel Ben Tziporaโ€™s and Lavi Ben Shiran.
In memory of all who died in this war and a Zechus for all the hostages.

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[00:00] Intro
[03:24] Respecting the Process
[46:56] Q&A 1: “Oh” or “Oiy”?
[48:25] Q&A 2: Showing Physical Touch?
[53:06] Q&A 3: Daven For Someone Else?
[01:01:19] Outro
[01:03:04] Theme Song


“The Rabbi Orlofsky Show Themeโ€
Composed and Performed by Lenny Solomon
Learn more at https://rabbiorlofsky.com/music

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